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Why Psychodynamic?

The psychodynamic approach aims to offer a holistic treatment approach and a more thorough examination of the self. It is a way of thinking about ourselves and ourselves in relation to others, allowing the opportunity to explore behavioural patterns and relationships where it might feel helpful.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a process of growth, self-discovery and change by exploring how current difficulties can be influenced by past early relationships. The psychodynamic method has its roots in psychoanalysis promoting 'free association', speaking freely about what comes to mind; to think about unconscious connections between the past and present experiences.  Sessions are led by you, where we work together in understanding the issues you may bring. We can focus on whatever is on your mind on that day or in that moment. There is no how-to manual, no agenda and no formula. I believe that working together we can create a safe thinking space which enables deeper reflection on yourself as well as your experience of the people and the world around you.



Long-term therapy does not need to have a fixed number of sessions. We agree to work together until it feels right to end, often exploring complex issues.  Longer-term work allows for a deeper exploration of issues. 



Short-term therapy can be helpful if you are unable to afford long-term therapy, have time constraints or have a specific goal in mind. I normally work with a 12-session model, however this can be tailored to match your circumstances.  

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